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Sage & Cajun Spiced Rub 150g

Sage & Cajun Spiced Rub 150g

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm

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Introducing our festive 'Sage & Cajun' blend, the perfect seasoning to bring the warmth and joy of Christmas to your table. This unique combination merges the hearty, earthy tones of sage – reminiscent of traditional holiday stuffing – with the lively kick of classic Cajun spices, creating a symphony of flavours ideal for the holiday season.

Imagine the aroma of sage harmonising with the zesty Cajun spices as you rub it onto your Christmas turkey, creating a crust that's crispy, flavourful, and deeply satisfying. It's not just for turkey though; this versatile blend will transform your holiday hams, roast chicken, and even the prime rib into festive masterpieces. The Sage & Cajun rub is also a fantastic addition to vegetarian dishes, bringing a bold, festive flair to roasted vegetables and tofu.

Suitable for Vegans, this blend ensures that everyone at your Christmas feast can enjoy the depth of flavour it brings. Gluten-Free, it caters to all, making your holiday cooking inclusive and stress-free. With a Mild Heat level, it's a crowd-pleaser that adds just the right amount of spice without overpowering the natural flavours of your dishes.

Packaged in a bumper-sized 150g shaker, it's perfect for seasoning multiple holiday meals or as a thoughtful gift for the foodies in your life. Celebrate this Christmas with the heart-warming and delicious Sage & Cajun blend, a must-have in your kitchen for a truly festive culinary experience

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