Wholesale Fresh Chillies

Wholesale Fresh Chillies

Are you looking for the best of British-grown chillies? Do you use fresh chillies as an ingredient in your commercial products? Perhaps you run a farm shop, restaurant or eaterie and understand the value in choosing high-quality, locally-produced ingredients? We can grow and pick specific chilli varieties to order and deliver directly to you at the peak of their flavour and freshness.

We are open to pre-orders in January, when we begin the planting and germination process. Fully-grown chillies are ready to harvest in mid-August, which is when you can expect to receive your delivery. We're happy to take advance orders for quantities over 10kg and will ensure our planting schedule is planned to accommodate your requirements.

Why choose wholesale chillies from Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm?

  • Receive the highest quality, best tasting fresh chillies, grown to organic principles with no chemical pesticides or other nasties used on our farm.
  • Ensure your chillies are as fresh as fresh can be, with delivery arranged as soon as they're picked.
  • Agree a price at the time of ordering, but pay for your chillies on delivery, allowing you to plan your cash flow and protect yourself from price fluctuations.
  • Specify exact chilli varieties and quantities, which will be grown especially for you, meaning you can access specialist varieties not available elsewhere.

We have years of experience supplying the best Pembrokeshire-grown chillies to customers across the country. If you'd like to join the ever-growing list of artisan producers, restauranteurs and retailers using our chillies, get in touch with us using the form below, and we'll be in contact to discuss your requirements.


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