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Rudolph's Revenge Chilli Sauce 165g

Rudolph's Revenge Chilli Sauce 165g

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm

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"Rudolph's Revenge: The Fiery Festive Hot Sauce"

Unwrap the Heat this Christmas!

Prepare to ignite your festive feasts with Rudolph's Revenge! This limited edition hot sauce is the perfect addition to your Christmas spread. Ever wondered why it's called Rudolph's Revenge? It seems Rudolph, after years of leading the sleigh, decided to spice things up a bit. Let's just say, after indulging, you might understand why Rudolph's nose isn't the only thing feeling a bit fiery!

Festive Flavours with a Blistering Twist

This sauce isn't just hot; it's Rudolph's-red-nose-glowing, sleigh-speeding hot! Crafted to bring warmth and cheer to your table, it combines the magic of the season with a fiery kick that'll have you prancing through your meal.

Suitable for Elves and Humans Alike

Vegan? No problem! Rudolph's Revenge is crafted for all to enjoy. It's the perfect stocking filler for the spice aficionado in your life.


Size: 165g of festive fire


Organic Cider Vinegar, Red Peppers, Carolina Reaper Chilli (19%), Chocolate Habanero Chilli (14%), Brown Sugar (for that sweet holiday touch), White Sugar, Garlic (to keep the vampires, but not the relatives, away), Smoked Paprika, Onion Powder, Liquid Smoke, Maize Starch, and a dash of Christmas magic.

Allergen advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Special Delivery from the North Pole

Processed within 2 business days, our elves ensure your order is ready for the festive season. Shipping charges will be calculated at checkout, with free delivery on orders over £30.

Local Free Collection: Santa's Workshop Edition

If you prefer then you can opt for local pickup at checkout and collect your order from Chilli HQ, now adorned in full festive splendour. Orders will be ready within 3 to 5 business days, and we'll notify you when it's time to dash over! Please remember to bring your email order confirmation with you.

Remember, Rudolph's Revenge is not just a sauce; it's a festive experience. Add it to your holiday table and watch as your guests' faces light up – both from delight and the Carolina Reaper chilli!

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