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Medium Chilli Sauce Gift Box

Medium Chilli Sauce Gift Box

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm

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Choose any 2 of our Medium Chilli Sauces to make an incredible present.

Just choose which 2 flavours you would like, we'll do the rest.

Chilli BBQ Sauce This is our special take on a BBQ sauce, sweet and sticky, Wings, ribs, chicken and burgers. In fact, it goes great with the whole lot…...

Chipotle Gold SauceSweet, Rich and Smokey, this is what you get when you mix Chipotle chillies with honey and bourbon. A great marinade or table sauce. It goes on, in and over whatever you desire....

Southern Gold - Are you serious about barbeque and flavour, then you need a sauce that stands out. Southern Gold is a Mild, Sweet and Tangy Mustard Sauce thats great on pulled pork, hot dogs, burgers, French fries and Fried chicken. Its also one of the best Ham Glazes you will ever try.

Tropical Teaser Sauce - The Mango’s, lime and hot Habanero’s with a slight cumin hint give any dish a fruity lift. Its Sunshine in a bottle. Enjoy…

The Fire Cider Sauce - A collaboration between The Pembrokeshire Cider Company and Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm. Juicy apples, Habanero Chillies, Henry VII Cider and spices are all combined to bring you a scandalously sharp but sweet sauce that will get your taste buds jumping.

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