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Pembrokeshire Gold Rosemary Infused Rapeseed Oil 250ml

Pembrokeshire Gold Rosemary Infused Rapeseed Oil 250ml

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm

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Infused with Rosemary this oil makes the most delicious roast potatoes. It can also be drizzled over pasta, rubbed into a joint of lamb or used when baking homemade bread.

It has a delicious light and nutty flavour and is as tasty as it is versatile.

Its perfect for baking, dips, frying, roasting, and with its very low level of saturated fat its better for your health than butter and other oils.

Made with 100% rapeseed oil grown, pressed and bottled in Pembrokeshire. Use in place of refined oils, butter, fats, nut oil, coconut oil or olive oil when cooking for a truly British product.

All bottles come with pourer caps for ease of use.

IngredientCold Pressed Rapeseed Oil infused with Dried Rosemary and less than 1% Rosemary Oil

Store in a cool dark place


Also contains omega3 fatty acids 2.7g per 100ml

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