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Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm

3 Sauce Deal

3 Sauce Deal

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You can now get all 3 of our Hottest sauces for for just £16
Ghost Tears
The sweetest heat with a spicy clout. Wallop a dollop on Chicken, Pork or that Friday night Kebab. A great table sauce for the adventuresome flavour seekers.
Scorpions Bite
Burrito’s, Enchilada’s and Chilli Con Carne will cry out for this sauce. Wallop a dollop to enhance the heat while adding a great boost to the flavour. This is one hot versatile sauce.
Reapers Creepers

You want HOT, here's HOT SAUCE

Chill the beer, cool the wine, grill the naan, then combine this sauce with your favourite Indian dish. This fiery hot sauce has perfect flavour with hints of Sweetness & Garlic and a creeping blistering heat.

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