Loaded Shotgun Shells

Loaded Shotgun Shells are a mouthwatering combination of pasta, cheese, and a variety of flavourful fillings. The shells are stuffed with a mixture of ingredients that can include anything from ground meat to vegetables. Once stuffed, the shells are wrapped in bacon and baked until cooked and the bacon is crispy, then slathered with BBQ sauce creating a dish that is both visually appealing and incredibly delicious.


300g of minced Beef or Pork
20 slices of Back Bacon
10 Cannelloni PastaTubes
2 Red Finger Chillies
150g of Mature Cheddar
Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm BBQ Rub
Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm Chilli BBQ Sauce
5g of Salt & 5g of Pepper
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Start by finely chopping the chilli and grating the cheese. Add this into a bowl
along with the Minced Beef, the Salt and Pepper and a good sprinkling of Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm BBQ Rub,
and mix well. Once ingredients are mixed well its time to stuff the Pasta Tubes,
use a small spoon to stuff the tubes.

With the Tubes stuffed its time to wrap them in Bacon, use 2 rashers per tube,
and place them on a baking tray, lightly coat the shells with Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm BBQ Rub.

Place the baking tray in an oven and bring it up to 180 -200c, as this heats the
moisture inside the shells will be seeping into the pasta and aid cooking.
Once you are up to temperature leave the for about 25 minutes and let the pasta cook through and the bacon to crisp up.

After this time give them a brushing of
Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm Chilli BBQ Sauce to glaze and allow them to cook for
another ten minutes. Let them cool slightly then enjoy.
Alternativly these can be cooked on BBQ or Smoker.

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