Competition Time: Are you the UK's Most Extreme BBQ Champion?

All the information, entry information and Terms and Conditions about our Extreme BBQ Champion Competition

Enter our extreme BBQ competition and wins some saucy prizes

Introducing our Extreme BBQ Champion Competition

Welcome to the ultimate challenge for BBQ enthusiasts across the UK! Here at Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm we are on a quest to crown the nation's most extreme BBQ person.

Do you have what it takes?

This isn't just about cooking the best steak or grilling the juiciest burger – we're searching for those who take their BBQ skills to extraordinary places and weather conditions.

It's time to fire up your grills in the most unexpected locations and adverse weather conditions.

This competition is all about creativity, passion, and a love for BBQ that knows no bounds. Whether it's grilling in a snowstorm, barbecuing on a remote hilltop, or setting up your BBQ pit in the cosiest of your garden nooks during a drizzle, we want to see how extreme you can go.

BORING BIT 1: Remember, safety comes first, so let's keep it fun and awe-inspiring, not dangerous.

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Competition dates

Mark your calendars! The hunt for the UK's Most Extreme BBQ Champion kicks off on the 4th of January 2024 and will run until the 30th of April 2024.

That gives you nearly four months to plan, execute, and capture your most extreme BBQ moment. Whether it's a chilly winter BBQ or a springtime grill-fest, your timing and creativity are key.

During these months, we anticipate seeing a parade of bold and thrilling BBQ escapades from all corners of the UK. This is your chance to showcase your adventurous spirit and BBQ prowess.

Who knows, your unique BBQ style might just set new trends in the world of grilling!

How to enter our Extreme BBQ Competition

Entering is as simple as grilling! Just capture a photo of yourself performing an extreme BBQ and share it with us via our social media channels.

Tag us on Instagram or Facebook to make sure we see your entry. But remember, safety is paramount – we're looking for extreme but not hazardous BBQ setups. Let your imagination soar within the bounds of safety.

We can't wait to see the inventive and perhaps even slightly madcap locations and weather conditions you choose for your BBQ. Your entry is your ticket to a world of recognition among the BBQ community, and a chance to prove that you're the most daring BBQ enthusiast in the UK!

BORING BIT 2: By tagging us in your image you are giving us permission to then use that image as part of the competition and this includes using the image in our competition promotion campaigns.

Rewarding you just for taking part - we are lovely!

Everyone who participates gets a treat!

Share a picture of your extreme BBQ and receive a 5% discount code for a one-off purchase.

But wait, there's more – if your picture also features one of our Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm sauces in action, you'll receive a 10% discount code instead.

It's our way of saying thank you for embracing the spirit of extreme BBQ'ing and being part of our exciting journey.

These discount codes are perfect for stocking up on your favourite sauces or trying out new flavours that can add an extra kick to your future BBQ adventures.

BORING BIT 3: Please note, there's no cash equivalent for these prizes – it's all about the love of BBQ and our delicious sauces!

How the winner will be chosen

As the competition heats up, the owners of Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm will have the tough job of picking their top three favourite photos. These finalists will then be put to a community vote to determine the ultimate winner.

It's not just about where you BBQ, but how you capture the moment – creativity, scenery, and your love for BBQ will all play a part in swaying the votes.

This community vote is your opportunity to rally friends, family, and fellow BBQ enthusiasts to support your entry.

Get ready for some friendly competition and community engagement as you vie for the title of the UK's Most Extreme BBQ Champion!

The Grand Prize

The crowned champion will receive an incredible mixed box of 20 sauces from Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm, including some limited edition flavours.

Even more exciting, the winner will have the chance to contribute ideas for new flavours, truly leaving their mark in the world of BBQ sauces.

BORING BIT 4: Please note that there's no cash equivalent for this prize. It's a treasure trove for any sauce lover and a way to spice up your future BBQs with exclusive flavours.

This is your chance to become a part of our sauce-creating journey and have a hand in developing mouth-watering new concoctions.


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