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Choose any 2 of our Chilli Jams to make an incredible present.

Just choose which 2 flavours you would like, we'll do the rest.

Sweet Chilli Jam - The perfect accompaniment to a Ploughman’s, or ideally spread under the cheese when making cheese on toast…mmm

Habanero Chilli Jam - For a more fiery kick, this Jams for you, the same great taste as the Sweet Chilli Jam, but with extra Habanero's for added bite.

Smokey Chipotle Jam - This is a favourite with all cold meats, from the juicy Ham sandwich to a full on Sunday morning Bacon and Sausage Brioche roll.

Chilli Bakewell Jam - Originally made for the cold Turkey sandwich on Boxing Day, this Jam goes with all meats, hot and cold. Even give it a go with Vanilla Ice Cream......

Aji Limon Chilli Jam - This jam goes great with Seafood, especially Cod or scampi, even try it with your favorite Lemon Chicken recipe, or just add a dollop to your favorite stir fry.