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Artisan Chilli sauces and jams made from our own locally grown chillis here in Pembrokeshire


Pembrokeshire is in the far West of Wales. It is probably more well known for being the birthplace of the Tudor Dynasty, its Historic Towns and Castles, its Pembrokeshire Coastal Path and its tremendous range of wonderful beaches, some of which have been used in feature films such as Robin Hood and Harry Potter.  It is a wonderful part of Wales.


Based in the heart of the Pembrokeshire countryside, Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm has built an enviable reputation for producing a range of superb chilli sauces, jams and spices. They grow a variety of chillies and make their own unique products from them.


Products that you probably won’t find anywhere else such as their Arj Limon Chilli Jam or their aptly named Chilli Bakewell Jam.


Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm was born out of a desire to reinvent the chilli using home grown varieties and simple ingredients and are the proud owner of the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark.



We are proud to announce that we have just been awarded the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark for locally grown produce


Variety of Chilli


These are some of the varieties we grow

Carolina Reaper, Yellow Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, Yellow Habanero, Orange Habanero, Chocolate Habanero, Arj Limon, Serrano



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