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Welcome to Pembrokeshire Micro Greens


A range of Organic Micro Greens locally grown in Pembrokeshire


What are Micro Greens? Well micro greens are the younger more immature version of their fully-grown counterparts.


Because of this Micro Greens are bursting with flavour, they can boost colour, and add texture to any dish, while delivering a nutritional boost as well.


Some tips for adding microgreens into meals include:

• Using them as a topping for salads and soups

• Tossing a small handful into a smoothie or juice before blending

• Using them as a garnish alongside any main dish

• Placing microgreens on top of a flatbread or pizza after cooking

• Replacing lettuce with microgreens on a burger, sandwich, or tacos


Due to their high antioxidant content, microgreens are considered a functional food, a food that promotes health, a super food.

These are the varieties we are currently growing:


• Micro Amaranth Red Army

• Micro Basil Thai

• Micro Basil Sweet Genovese

• Micro Chives Thick Leaf

• Micro Coriander

• Micro Garlic Chives

• Micro Mustard Green Fire

• Micro Mustard Red Lion

• Micro Pea Shoots

• Micro Sage English

• Micro Thyme English

• Winter Micro Salad Rocket Victoria

• Micro Mexican Tarragon

• Micro Broccoli

• Green Micro Beet (Swiss Chard) Bulls Blood


Contact us to find out more and where to get your Fresh, Organic and Local Micro Greens from.


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